Wash club members always have a clean and shining car!

Wash club members always have a clean and shining car!

With Tob autospa you keep your car in top condition!

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Top autospa keeps your car in top condition!

Experience the service of Top Autospa for yourself and enjoy a car that has been thoroughly cleaned in the smallest details. We do both short treatments that are performed while you wait, as well as longer service visits and complete treatments. For protection, shine and intensive cleaning of the inside and outside.

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Lunes to sunday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Wow thats clean!

We are experts in the field of full detailing and deep cleaning for both the inside and the outside of your car. The use of your car leaves traces, both on the outside as well as in your interior. BOB Autospa makes these markstracks disappear instantly.


Over time, car paint gets marks due to all kinds of causes. Stone chips, bird droppings and UV radiation from the sunlight, for example. The paint becomes dull and no longer gives an even shine. Top Autospa has a high-quality polishing technique with the most advanced polishing products with which we can treat the entire car. In no time the paint of your car looks like new again!

Deep Chair cleaning

Removal of stains and dirt from leather and fabric upholstery by means of deep cleaning.


Every car paint has to deal with irregularities. Due to external factors, all kinds of material adheres to the car paint. With our scrub treatment we smooth out the paint again. Dirt adheres less quickly to the car and the car looks shiny and fresh again.

Windshield coating

A beautiful car is also a safe car. Top Autospa has developed a special treatment for coating your windscreen. The coating prevents less adhesion of insect wicks, the window stays clean longer and gives better visibility, even in the rain. So not only clean but also safe!

- Making the windscreen more sustainable

- Exclusive user right on Simoniz quality product

- 2 months full warranty

- Ready while you wait!

Hand wax

BOB Autospa has a team of specialists who develop separate treatments for each specific car. With old-fashioned craftsmanship, the car is waxed down to the smallest details. We make the paint more sustainable and weather influences have less grip on the surface. So you Will hit the road in a clean and safe car!

Leather treatment

A leather interior is also exposed to many factors. Sunlight, intensive use, pets, children and food. Undeniably, this has consequences for the leather and its longevity. Top Autospa has a high-quality leather cream that treats the leather interior. The leather returns to its original color and the leather is provided with extra protection against dirt.