Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning

We will take care of the interior cleaning of your car. You will find our unique interior cleaning conveyer at our location in San Francisco. Our skilled employees will do the whole interior of your car in approximately 5 minutes!

How does it work?

You place your car on the conveyor belt and follow the instructions of an employee. Then you get out of the car and while you are enjoying our free coffee or bottles of water, our employees get to work. Along the side you can walk along and watch the process or you can take a seat in our comfortable waiting area to relax and wait for a fresh interior!

What are we doing?

A lot of care is taken for the interior of your car during the cleaning process. We use modern and powerful equipment. The following steps are performed:

  • The car mats: cloth mats go through a mechanical carpet beater. Rubber mats are cleaned with water and brushes in a special machine
  • The dashboard: Will be made dust-free and cleaned
  • The windows: Will be cleaned inside
  • The door frames: Will be cleaned so that your hands and clothes stay clean when getting in and out or your car
  • Vacuum: The entire interior, including the trunk, is carefully vacuumed
  • Parfume: Upon entering your car you will be asked if you want perfume in your car to complete the fresh feeling of a clean interior!


Advise from Top!

Our employees work carefully around your personal belongings. For optimal results, it is best if you empty your car in advance!