Exterior wash

Exterior wash

Keep your car and coating in optimal condition by washing your car on a regular basis. Visit our modern carwash and experience for yourself.

Every day hundreds of car owners are visiting us every day. In our carwash we will take care of your car with the utmost care. Our machines are equipped with the softest textile brushes in the market to ensure a clean car in the safest possible way. We also use a modern water softening system which removes the minerals of the water for a stain free result. In addition, we work with skilled employees who receive extensive training and are always happy to help you with all your needs and questions.

Vist our carwash for a fast, safe and environmentally friendly way to make your car shine again!

Advice from TOP!

Are there any accessories or parts that are not factory mounted on the outside of your car? Is there something hanging loose or do you have roof racks, for example? Always consult with an employee if you can enter the carwash.