Easy Card

Easy Card

The Easy Card from Top Carwash is especially for our loyal customers, who we want to reward with extra benefits. Anybody can sign up for free and optionally add balacne, the card and its balance are valid indefinitely. You will start enjoying the benefits right away!

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The advantages of the Easy Card include:

  • Always a 5% discount with and 10% discount when credit is applied to the Easy card
  • Easy and fast payment with balance on your card
  • Balance doesn’t expire
  • Balance is insured for theft and fraud
  • Free VIP wash on your birthday
  • Always up to date with all attractive offers and promotions


Apply for the free Easy Card now, log in and add balance

How to apply:

Ask for our free Easy Card at the cash register and you will receive the card immediately. Let our cashier add balance to you Easy Card so you can immediately benefit from the Easy Card discount.

Add Balance

You can easily add balance to your Easy Card online by credit card or you can choose to add balance at the cash register in our branch.

Log in and register

Go to “My Easy Card”, enter your Easy Card number and the password provided to you at the cash register and you will automatically be taken to your personal page. Here you can view and / or add credit, your washing history and your personal details at any time.

Pay attention! Your password is printed on a separate receipt for you. Do you no longer have this voucher? Ask for a new password during your next visit. Logging in via your email address is only possible if it is stored in your account.